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Troubleshooting issues and faq
Troubleshooting issues

This website uses pop-up windows, ActiveX controls & embedded QuickTime and Flash elements to display and navigate through nocinema. So you must disable any pop-up blocker and make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed and javascript still enabled on your browser. On Internet Explorer you may see a Security Warning dialog box depending on your security settings, so, in order to load the project as expected, click yes to accept the ActiveX controls if it's required.

Sound : if you get no sound, first check your sound volume settings and the version of your Flash Player plugin; Firefox users type in your url location : about:plugins; Safari users click on Help and Installed Modules; Internet Explorer users, go to Tools> Internet Options, History> Parameters, Show Objects.

On osX : tested on FireFox 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, Safari 2 & 3, Camino 1.5, Shiira 2.2 and Opera 9.2. (problems on IE 5)
On Win XP and Vista : tested on FireFox 2, 3 until 3.6.6 and IE 6 & 7.
On Linux : tested on Firefox 2. (other tests in progress)
All platforms : the project is better viewed by hiding permanent navigation bars and activating the fullscreen mode. The use of speakers is highly recommended.
Compatibilites : Flash 10

if you encounter any bugs or problem, please do post your issue here.